Slope stability of Earth Dam under Rapid Drawdown conditions

Slope stability of Earth Dam under Rapid Drawdown conditions

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Publishing year : 2015

Conference : Fourth International Conference on Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology

Number of pages : 18

Abstract: One of the most important elements of long-term behavior of earth dams is its stability while utilization. The stability of the earth is affected by water fluctuation, especially during initial dewatering and rapid withdrawal of the reservoir. Since the initial dewatering of a steady state spill or rapid drainage of the dam reservoir causes instability in the earth's dam slopes, we analyze the stability of the earth dam in various conditions. For this purpose, the Yamchi earth dam was studied in the province of Ardabil. Upstream and downstream slopes of earth dams are one of the most important and key factors in its stability. These slopes are generally a function of used soil materials, foundations, and its height. This slope is also dependent on the type of earth dam. Stress-strain analysis was done by the SIGMA / W software in the GeoSlope package and the stability analysis was also done by the SLOPE / W program. The main issue in this study is the analysis of the earth's dam in a rapid withdrawal condition and stability in various conditions of rapid withdrawal of reservoir, semi-full and full reservoir