A Review Of Different Types Of Edge Detection Methods

A Review Of Different Types Of Edge Detection Methods

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Part of #A Review Of Different Types Of Edge Detection Methods# :

Publishing year : 2015

Conference : Second International Conference and Third National Conference on the Application of New Technologies in Engineering Sciences

Number of pages : 10

Abstract: Edges are prominent features that specify the boundary between two differentregions in an image. Edge detection algorithm reveals the sharp discontinuitiespoints. This processor reduces useless information while preserving the significant structure. There are a lot of different methods to detect the edge of the images that have been proposed over the past years. However, they can not still find an algorithm with a strong response to edges. This paper reviews three maincategories of edge detection techniques, including differentiation, Waveletstransform, and Gabor Filters. In the study, the advantages and disadvantages of these algorithms are investigated and compared. Some of the researchers have havecombined these methods with each other and their effects usually show more results. After researching about these methods we concluded that the thirdcategory is appropriate for real images containing several noise. These groupsalso have similarity to the human visual system and can extract local features such as edges, and tissues of images.