Early Maladaptive Schemas and Life Satisfication

Early Maladaptive Schemas and Life Satisfication

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Part of #Early Maladaptive Schemas and Life Satisfication# :

Publishing year : 2016

Conference : 5th International Conference on Psychology and Social Sciences

Number of pages : 6

Abstract: Early maladaptive schemas may affect some personality traits that affect individuals' emotional responses to life satisfaction. A sample of individuals (N = 167) from the general population in Shiraz, Iran, were randomly collected to study the relationship between early maladaptive schemas and life satisfaction. Accordingly, they were asked to complete the Young Schema Questionnaire-Short Form (75-items version) and satisfaction with life scale (5-items). The Pearson correlation analysis technique was used to reflect the degree to which the variables were related. Findings imply that among all these schemes, most correlations were found between Self-sacrifice, Unrelenting standards, and Dependence / incompetence schemas with satisfaction of life respectively. However, the Emotional Deprivation Scheme did not show any clear association with life satisfaction. The results of this research indicate that some early maladaptive schemes can be used to predict life satisfaction