Theoretical study of productivity of Islamic banking (with emphasis on green banking)

Theoretical study of productivity of Islamic banking (with emphasis on green banking)

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Part of #Theoretical study of productivity of Islamic banking (with emphasis on green banking)# :

Publishing year : 2016

Conference : Third International Green Economy Conference

Number of pages : 15

Abstract: Unfair distribution of bank profits, Uncertainty in the source of dividends received, Interaction weaknesses between policy and administrative institutions in the country's banking system shows Islamic banks' theoretical foundations different from conventional banks. Other hand by increasing importance due to environmental issues and need to make environmental thinking in banks, the fundamental challenge for banks and the main problem of adopting this thinking is that it can reduce bank profits or limit its activities and lead to discretionary loss. This is a descriptive analytical study to examine the theoretical productivity of Islamic banking (with emphasis on green banking), Islamic banking and realizing their productivity with emphasis on Green Banking. Also, by raising the issues of green banking and the necessity of attention to the environment, will generalize the results of the survey in Green Banking. Findings suggests that there is a lack of accurate information and transparency. Some false transactions by brokers and bank clients. Ambiguity, complexity in the Islamic banking system and lack of adequate training. Correspondent banking. Intention to correct some unprofessional banking laws and operating procedures. Are some The causes of the lack of full implementation of interest-free banking law. Based on the results, ie, the patology of the Islamic banking system, of various legal and administrative aspects, the development of information and communication technologies in the banking system, the review of the organizational structure of banks for compliance with the Islamic banking system could be a solution. Also, pushing the attention of investing in environmental and green products can survive the environment and save resources and energy savings