Environmental and Economic Effects of E-Commerce

Environmental and Economic Effects of E-Commerce

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Part of #Environmental and Economic Effects of E-Commerce# :

Publishing year : 2013

Conference : 7th International Conference on Electronic Commerce in Developing Countries with an Approach to Security

Number of pages : 4

Abstract: With the rapid development and wide application of e-commerce industry, to effectively protect consumer's e-commerce network privacy has become a significant marketenvironment for smooth e-business development. As the legal basis and social environment for privacy protection is weak, the legal protection of network privacy is imperfect and there is a lack of network monitoring, when the privacy of citizens privacy is violated, it is extremely difficult to obtain legal protection under the law, it has become A big bottleneck is to restrict our ecommerce industry. Many ecommerce researchers have found and selected convenience as an important factor in online shopping and consumer behavior.This shows not only the importance of convenience in online shopping, but also it showthat the website's information convenience is very important The role in the success of companies' incompetition through e-commerce and this factor leads companies to rich in competitive advantage and to be successful in achieving their final goals. The advent of theInternet and e-commerce has brought a new way of marketing and selling many products, including books. The system's wide effects of this retail trade are still unclear. Although reductions in inventories and returns provide significant environmental savings, some of the major concerns of the new e-commerce business models are the energy and packaging materials used by the logistics networks for product delivery and delivery.