Cyberspace and the Identity Matter

Cyberspace and the Identity Matter

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Part of #Cyberspace and the Identity Matter# :

Publishing year : 2016

Conference : Third International Conference on Science and Engineering

Number of pages : 11

Abstract: Cyberspace is a new stage in technological evolution and science production in human life that has evolved along with human civilization and has created a specific cultural and civilizational structure. This space has provided new and pristine areas for human and has affected all aspects of his life and social interactions. Cyberspace actually contains online computer networks in which users exchange with each other at the moment. Internet is the founder of this World Wide Web Development. Internet as a post-modern media has created a new territory in which certainty and integrity has been replaced by fragmentation and diversity. The authors have explained the impact of the cyberspace on identity by descriptive and analytical approaches in this paper. From this perspective, the cyberspace has proposed a new path to the plurality of identity within society and even more within individual identities by creating multiple identification references