Symbolize Persian Gardens approach to Cultural Semiotics

Symbolize Persian Gardens approach to Cultural Semiotics

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Part of #Symbolize Persian Gardens approach to Cultural Semiotics# :

Publishing year : 2016

Conference : International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Urban Landscape

Number of pages : 12

Abstract: Architecture can express and represent meanings and concepts in a society. In this sense, through his or her design, an architect expresses meaning in the society and transfers it from generation to generation. One of the main structures in the transfer of these meanings is the designing of the gardens. The Persian Garden arises from the Iranian cultural history, and encompasses the beliefs and symbols of the Iranian society. Since the cultural history of each country indirectly affects all aspects of its members, "life, symbols and signs can link the nation's cultural past to their current status. Semiotics is the science of studying these signs and symbols, and cultural semiotics connects them with The society and its members.In this paper, we have tried to show the architecture role, especially the Persian Gardens, in the role of architecture in the survival of cultural symbols and signs in the society, by identifying the characteristics of Persian Gardens, semiotics and cultural Semiotics and its application in the present day's Iranian society