Behavior of Rigidity of Bending Frame on Steel Shear Wall

Behavior of Rigidity of Bending Frame on Steel Shear Wall

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Publishing year : 2012

Conference : Fourth International Conference on Reinforcement

Number of pages : 12

Abstract: SSW steel shear walls are a new supportive system that is designed to withstand lateral side-impact loads and to absorb lateral forces in buildings, especially in high-rise buildings. This resilient system consists of a number of panels of steel panels that are separate from each panel in the two Columns and ditters are connected to a peripheral element. Turberen et al. 1983 The Killak 1985 Timler and Kullock 1987 presented an analytical model for predicting and calculating the final capacity of thin-plate shear walls in this thin-plate steel plate model by a series of tensile strip members Replaced by Saeed Buri has been studying the behavioral and dynamic behavior of metal shear walls since 1988 by conducting several experiments on metal shear walls. In 1991, in the University of Mines, models of three-story metal shear models were analyzed with a quadratic crater under cyclic loads. Both Algeciras and Casses and two In 1993, using the results of the Minneum University experiments, they conducted a comparative analysis of the analytical model using analytical and empirical methods.