Stability of Multi-Layer Berm Breakwaters

Stability of Multi-Layer Berm Breakwaters

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Part of #Stability of Multi-Layer Berm Breakwaters# :

Publishing year : 2012

Conference : The 9th International Conference on Coastal, Ports and Marine Structures

Number of pages : 9

Abstract: The front slope stability of the berm breakwater was studied with two dimensional model tests. The berm recession of a reshaping berm breakwater plays a very important role in the stability of this kind of structure. This paper deals with the investigations of the reshaping of a multi-layer cross-section (Icelandic type). The tests have been carried out in two cases. The first case is the typical form of the multilayer berm breakwater, and the second case is a new idea for this kind of structure, using one order smaller stone mass in front of the berm. A comparison is made between the berm recessions for the various cases. It can be concluded that in the second test case, the total costs of the project can be reduced without decreasing the stability.