Electrorheological nanofluids: preparation and characterization

Electrorheological nanofluids: preparation and characterization

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Part of #Electrorheological nanofluids: preparation and characterization# :

Publishing year : 2011

Conference : Nanotechnology Application Conference in Oil and Petrochemical Industries

Number of pages : 13

Abstract: Electrorheological fluid (ER) consists of fine solid particles dispersed in a liquid dielectric. These fluids have the remarkable property of being able to & quot; solidify & quot; in the presence of an electric field with a response time of milliseconds, and then resuming their original property (liquid state) when the electric field is removed. Recent advances in the development of new ER fluids have significantly increased their performance. These new fluids exploit the properties of very small particles (50-100 nm) having appropriate physical characteristics. We present here the results obtained in the framework of a multidisciplinary research group for the development and characterization of fluids ER "giant impact" And to develop microsystems for studying the formation and behavior of particle agglomerates under the constraints of electrical and mechanical.