Importance and the Role of Requirement Engineering

Importance and the Role of Requirement Engineering

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Part of #Importance and the Role of Requirement Engineering# :

Publishing year : 2011

Conference : Fifth International Conference on Science and Technology

Number of pages : 7

Abstract: Because critical and specific software systems last longer and they have to work for an organization for many years, the maintenance and support costs of them will grow to high amounts in the next few years. Development and production of special software requires different requirements to be categorized (different requirements can be categorized using software requirements engineering). In other words, we need to see all requirements during the software life cycle, whether they are important and necessary for our Software at present time, or they are not important for the software currently, but will become important in the future. Requirements engineering, aims to recognize stockholder's requirements and their verification, then gaining agreement on system requirements, is not just a phase completed in the beginning Of this, we have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of requirements engineering. First, we defined requirements engineering and explained its purpose in the software production life cycle. The main activities and purpose of each of the requirements engineering activities is described. Furthermore, the techniques used in each activity are described for a better understanding of the subject.