Conforming Benchmarking to Project Management

Conforming Benchmarking to Project Management

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Part of #Conforming Benchmarking to Project Management# :

Publishing year : 2009

Conference : The first executive management conference

Number of pages : 10

Benchmarking is used as an assessment tool to assess management skills in project management.
Therefore, when benchmarking the work of project managers, the underlying variables of the project are
The organizational structure should be included in the evaluation. Literatures show an increasing interest for
the use of benchmarking to improve the project environment. The overall purpose of this paper was
Focus on suggesting the best ways to adapt project environment to benchmarking techniques. So an
The organization can better use benchmarking to improve its project management. The paper content falls
into 2 categories:
The first part of the project was to show the importance of using benchmarking in project management.
Furthermore, this part is focused on benchmarking, types of benchmarking, reviewing the project, project
management and relationship between them as well. The second part is dedicated to identifying metrics for
project management processes that can be looked up and used as an aid to potential benchmarkers to it
define metrics for their own special project management processes.
By benchmarking leading companies many companies have experienced significant progress in upgrading
their organizational capabilities. As benchmarking can significantly improve the performance of
managing companies, similar development can lead in performance of managing projects.