Optimal Drug Scheduling for Cancer Chemotherapy Using HBMO algorithm

Optimal Drug Scheduling for Cancer Chemotherapy Using HBMO algorithm

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Publishing year : 2015

Conference : National Conference on Technology, Energy and Data with the Approach of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Number of pages : 6

Abstract: In this paper, the honey bee mating optimization algorithm (HBMO) is proposed for optimizing drug schedules in a cancer chemotherapy model with considering adjustable rest period. Cancer treatment with chemotherapy drugs has a dangerous side effect on the patient's body. The design objectives aretraded-off between two opponent targets, eliminating tumor cells and reducing side effects after a predefined time. Furthermore, there are clinical limitations in treatment administration such as drug concentration, drug toxicity and drug resistance. So, drug schedules must be balanced between the reduction of tumor cells, drug concentration and drug toxicity during a fixed period of treatment without drug resistance. Two drug scheduling types are presented in this paper, continuous and discontinuous. HBMO is a nature-inspired algorithm that simulates the process of real honey bees mating, to optimize dosage amounts with rest periods (treatment periods that chemotherapy stopped). Comparison of the results with previous works shows that in the case of discontinuous dose, the number of remaining cells significantly decreased, and in the case of a continuous drug dose, the results are in the order of best previous results