Fracture analysis of second piston compression ring

Fracture analysis of second piston compression ring

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Publishing year : 2008

Conference : Sixteenth Annual Conference of Mechanical Engineering

Number of pages : 4

Abstract: The incidence of mechanical fracture of a Peugeot 206 piston rings prompted the development of a fracture analysis method in this case. The three rings (two compression rings and one oil ring) were smashed into several parts during the power test (causing the piston and the liner to be damaged). The radial and oblique cracking has occurred on the failed piston rings. The purpose of the fracture mechanics presented in this paper was to calculate specific effective fracture mechanics parameters such as J-integral and stress intensity factors. Crack propagation angles were calculated as well. Two-dimensional fracture analysis of the second compression ring has been developed in this paper using ABAQUS CAE6.5-1 software. Moreover, SEM fractography was developed on fracture surfaces and is discussed in this paper. Results of numerical calculations are the basis for further research on real object.