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Publishing year : 2008

Conference : Ninth International Conference of Quality Managers

Number of pages : 6

Abstract: Shipping is essential for the world economy, carrying the bulk of international trade. More than 90% of global trade is carried by the sea and it is the main common thread in the economic markets of almost all countries around the globe, thus it still lingers as the backbone of the world economy. A shipowner is the owner of a commercial ship and one who capitalizes on the profitable freight market resulting in massive expansion of the world trade fleet. Currently, some of the large fleet's foreign owners are japanese and europeans like the Greek, Norwegians, Danish, Dutch and German. Over the years, seafaring has become a lucrative career the reason why more and more people are choosing this as a profession. In terms of employment, Filipino seafarers account for about 30% of the total seafaring population in the world. It
It is because of this that the Philippines has been referred to as the Manning Capital of the World. The continued employment of Filipino seafarers, however, will depend on the continued reliance of shipowners worldwide. This trust and confidence can only be achieved through the Philippine Government's collection and complementing efforts, as well as the companies and Filipino jurors themselves. The Philippine Government, through the strict implementation and regulation of the Filipino mariners' education, training, examination and evaluation of the competence; the Manning Companies by ensuring that only qualified crew are sent onboard; and the Filipino Seafarers, to look at seafaring not just as a means of getting higher income but more so as a profession and a career, thus, will help spell a good future for themselves and from the industry. The years of the ship's manning industry are always characterized by ever-increasing challenges and as we move closer and closer to the new millennium, imminent developments in the global, regional and national setting will have a direct impact on the ship manning industry. Knowing how these developments will affect the industry will enable the player to sing out the most critical area
Where to focus on the survival of the industry in the 21st century. Today's ship manning industry is a highly competitive field. With the global demand for shipping expected to increase, ship manning companies around the world, but especially in the Philippines, have to struggle with intense competition for the declining supply of seafarers. In the context of a rapidly growing and highly dynamic ship manning industry, the Philippines has always found itself challenged. The industry's private sector, on the other hand, has been a significant player in the industry. In the midst of a healthy competition, the collective pursuits being demonstrated by the manning companies and crew training centers all contributing to a common cause, that is, to maintain the Filipino juror's attractiveness in the
international community. The continued existence of the ship's manning industry in the next century is vital for the country, not only in terms of easing the escalation of unemployment but also in the millions of dollars it injects in the economy. One of the major players in the Philippine Ship Manning Industry is NYK-FIL Ship Management, Inc. (NYK-FIL). NYK-FIL has always been at the forefront of continuously developing the competitiveness of its seafarers. With external industry factors as well as internal aspects which determine its strengths and weaknesses, NYK-FIL continuously realizes its priorities in seeking out a balanced business performance and enhanced survival in the business. Faced with this market environment, NYK-FIL Ship Management, Inc. (NYKFIL) made a conscious effort to apply creativity and innovation in developing
the challenges it encounters and instill these values into its employees. 'Finding unique solutions' defines the company's planning process. From year to year, NYK-FIL focuses on 'what else is possible' instead of what else has been done by other manning companies in the Philippines. Thus, in 2005, the company decided to establish its own maritime school, NYK-TDG Maritime Academy. This is the same spirit of innovation that led NYK-FIL to establish in April 2008 its first satellite office in the province of Iloilo, an area that houses most of the company's jurors. NYK-FIL also annually conducts its Seafarers' Dialogues and Seafarers' Dependents' Assembly in various parts of
the country. Such emphasis on new creative ideas defines many of NYK-FIL's initiatives – from crew recruitment to crew management, and especially in the critical area of crew training.