A Cyclic Plasticity Model without Yield Surface

A Cyclic Plasticity Model without Yield Surface

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Part of #A Cyclic Plasticity Model without Yield Surface# :

Publishing year : 2007

Conference : Fifteenth Annual Conference of Mechanical Engineering

Number of pages : 7

Abstract: In this study, after reviewing the classical cyclic plasticity models, we present a generalized form of these existing cyclic plasticity models. Using this unique format, the governing relation between stress and strain in deviatoric space can be expressed as two similar equations. The plastic constitutive equation of the model is based on two DP and eint parameters. The first parameter is a scalar function of the material status and the second one is the internal strain parameter representing the hardening rule. Most of the reviewed models will be presented based on these two parameters. Given this unified formulation, a cyclic plasticity model with no reference to yield surface is described. Different materials under a variety of load paths are considered and solved using the new model. The results agree well with available experimental results.