Nylon? Process, Properties and Economics

Nylon? Process, Properties and Economics

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Part of #Nylon? Process, Properties and Economics# :

Publishing year : 2007

Conference : The 7th National Student Conference on Chemical Engineering

Number of pages : 7

Abstract: Polyamides are polymers which have Amid groups (CONH). This research deals with linear polyamides derived from aliphatic monomers, all of the generic class called Nylon. These polyamides are great to make synthetic fibers. They are divided into two groups: Those made of aminocarboxylic acids and those made of diaminedicarboxylic acids. These are characterized by the number of carbon atoms in the monomeric starting material or diamine & amp; dicarboxylic acids. In this research, we survey the production of nylons, their properties, economic aspects, health and environmental aspects, recycling, shipping and storage.