Moving Towards a Green Economy through Renewable Energy

Moving Towards a Green Economy through Renewable Energy

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Part of #Moving Towards a Green Economy through Renewable Energy# :

Publishing year : 2015

Conference : The first annual congress of the world and the energy crisis

Number of pages : 5

Abstract: The term green economy has its roots in early ideas about sustainable development and relations between environmental management and economicdevelopment. At its most basic level, it is the clean energy economy, consisting primarily of four sectors: renewable energy; Green building and energyefficiency technology; Energy-efficient infrastructure and transportation; And recycling and waste-to-energy. The green economy is not just about the ability to produce clean energy, but also technologies that allow cleaner production processes; Includes products, processes and services that reduce the impact on the environment or improve the use of natural resources. In other words, it links the three E's (environment, economy and equity) of development. In the green economy, wemust use renewable energy. Today we primarily use fossil fuels to heat and power our homes and fuel ourcars. It's convenient to use coal, oil, and natural gas for meeting our energy needs, but we have limited supply of these fuels on Earth. We are using themmuch more quickly than they are being created. Eventually, they will run out. Renewable energy can help fill this gap. In addition, burning fossil fuels, sends greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, trapping the sun's heat and contributing to global warming. Thus, using renewable energy is better for theenvironment. Renewable energy will also help us to develop energy independence and security. Renewableenergy are plentiful and technologies of this energy areimproving all the time. We often call renewable energy technologies clean or green, because they producefew of any pollutants. Today, renewable energy is not only as sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy are in line with the overall strategy of green economy and sustainable development.