Boundary shear stress distribution in a V-shaped channel

Boundary shear stress distribution in a V-shaped channel

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Publishing year : 2004

Conference : International Conference on Hydraulics of Dams and River Structures

Number of pages : 10

Abstract: In order to understand the lateral distribution of boundary shear stress, a series of measurements was performed for velocity and boundary shear stress in a fully developed turbulent flow for a V-shaped bottom channel. The distribution results show that for the mild slope channels they are fairly flat, but for steep ones this is not the case. The distributions for the steep channels point to the role of secondary currents and cross-sectional shape. The percentage of shear force carried by the walls,% SFw, was analyzed. Previous experimental data for other channels were reassessed and compared with new experimental data. The results reveal that% SFw is favorably correlated with the geometry parameter, Pb / Pw. It was also found that the present channel gives low values of% SFw as aspect ratio, B / h, increases. This result again ratifies the cross-sectional shape effects ..