Preparation and Properties of new Thermally stable Polyamides

Preparation and Properties of new Thermally stable Polyamides

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Part of #Preparation and Properties of new Thermally stable Polyamides# :

Publishing year : 2004

Conference : Ninth National Congress of Chemical Engineering of Iran

Number of pages : 10

Abstract: A series of new polyamides were prepared from new diacid containing sulfone, ether, amide and imide groups with various aromatic diamines. The novel diacid was synthesized by four steps starting from the reaction of 4-aminophenol with 4-nitrobenzoyl chloride in the presence of propylene oxide to afford N- (4-hydroxy phenyl) -4-nitrobenzamide (HPNB). In the second step, reduction of nitro group resulted in the preparation of 4-amino-N- (4-hydroxy phenyl) benzamide (AHPB). In the next step for the preparation of diamine, the reaction of AHPB with bis- (4-chloro-phenylsulphone ) in the
presence of K2CO3 was achieved. The prepared diamine was reacted with two moles of trimellitic anhydride to synthesize related sulfone-ether amide dihydrate (SEAID). The precursors and final monomers were characterized by FTIR, HNMR and elemental analysis. The direct polycondensation reaction of SEAID with different diamines in the presence of triphenyl phosphite afforded five different polymers (sulfone-ether amide mixtures). The obtained polymers were fully characterized and their physical properties, including thermal behavior, thermal stability, solubility, and intrinsic viscosity.