Solar Selective Surface on Aluminum

Solar Selective Surface on Aluminum

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Publishing year : 2003

Conference : Third International Fuel Efficiency Conference in Building

Number of pages : 14

Abstract: Selective surface is used for the use of solar energy by photothermal devices. For this purpose, spectrally solvent selective surfaces on an aluminum substrate were prepared by dc anodization in a phosphoric acid solution solution (for enlarging pores) followed by A. C. Voltage coloring treatment in a concentrated metal sulphate solution. The optical performance, which is characterized by a high absorbtivity ((0.9) in the visible and near infrared regions of the spectrum (0.38-2 microns) and low emissivity (0.2) for radiation of longer wavelength (greater than 6. microns) These surfaces were studied. PIXE, RBS and Atomic Absorption Analysis were also done and measured. The effect of deposition conditions such as anodizing voltage, coloring voltage, bath temperature, nickel sulfate coloring time and concentration on spectral selectivity is discussed.