Mining wastewater treatment using natural zeolite

Mining wastewater treatment using natural zeolite

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Publishing year : 2016

Conference : First International Conference on Natural Hazards and Environmental Crises in Iran, Solutions and Challenges

Number of pages : 12

Abstract: Natural zeolites, especially clinoptilolite, have the ability to remove certain cations from waste water through ion exchange and adsorption. In this study, the clinoptilolite originated from Afrazandco Co., Semnan zeolite deposit was investigated in its natural form for its effectiveness in removing Zn2 + from aqueous solutions that were recycled in the KMP factory flotation line. The batch method was used: the parameters such as pH, contact time and RPM were studied. The influence of the metal ion solutions on the absorption levels of the metal ions by the various adsorbents used was carried out between pH 4 and pH 11. The optimal pH for zincremoval was 4.8. An equilibrium time of 2 hours was required for adsorption of Zn (II) ions. Adsorption parameters were determined using both Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms, but the experimental data were better fitted to the Langmuir equation than the Freundlich equation