A review to new technologies in traditional and context- oriented Architecture

A review to new technologies in traditional and context- oriented Architecture

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Part of #A review to new technologies in traditional and context- oriented Architecture# :

Publishing year : 2016

Conference : The 2nd International Conference on New Findings in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Management

Number of pages : 4

Abstract: A new world is going to be made, and architecture is the most social art that can lead to a kind of continuity for civilization flowering through creating a spatial coherence. Globalization has made many social, economic and cultural developments all around the world and cities are the most affected in this field. Using new technologies in designing and constructing new buildings and also using these technologies in creating space transparency has different definitions. Actually these two patterns are known to be dependent on the design, site and field terms and defaults. But in fact, they have new and specific concepts in contemporary architecture. At first, context-oriented was paying attention to purely physical aspects but gradually noticed to human aspects and expanded its study dimensions to social-cultural aspects of society. The arrival of new technologies is clearly seen in the countries that their rich identities and history in architecture and art fields contrasting with new technologies emersion. Though there is no consensus on the exact definition and setting of benchmarks for a global city yet. But there is a relative consensus on this issue that information, telecommunications and the easy transportation of people and goods and rate of activity in cities have increased the importance of some cities. In this article, the descriptive-analytical method is used to investigate the benefiting rate from new technologies in combination with traditional and native components, saving the cultural values and traditional architecture principles as architecturally oriented architectural symbols and also using construction technologies and new tools.