The effects of privatization on employee organizational behavior

The effects of privatization on employee organizational behavior

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Part of #The effects of privatization on employee organizational behavior# :

Publishing year : 2015

Conference : First International Management Conference, Economics, Accounting, and Educational Sciences

Number of pages : 11

Abstract: According to economical and managerial theories, privatization and delegation of public companies to private sector, as a strategy and method, have been considered for governments in order to make all dimensions of companies in financial, structural and behavioral dimensions. It is obvious that paying adequate and necessary attention to all aspects of the correct and strict implementation of the privatization and continuing and logier regulation and pursuing the performance method can have a positive and constructive effect on staff organizational behavior. In this research article, we are dealing with the examination of the privatization impact on the employee behavioral dimension of industrial-manufacturing companies in Mazandaran province that their management and ownership have been reduced to private sector from public sector in some current years and have positive or potential negative effects Having been examined and the necessary suggestions have been presented to authorities, by identifying strengths and weaknesses