Biofilm: formation, advantages and disadvantages

Biofilm: formation, advantages and disadvantages

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Publishing year : 2015

Conference : International Conference on Agriculture, Environment and Tourism

Number of pages : 12

Abstract: Biofilm is a functional consortium of microorganisms attached to either biotic or abiotic surfaces and is embedded in the field of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). A function often attributed to EPS is their general protective effect on biofilm microorganisms against adverse conditions. Biofilms profoundly affect human health and industrial productivity. Their pervasive effects on human health, water quality, and power generation efficiency are costing the government yearly. Other related issues include deterioration of dental surfaces, contamination of surfaces in the food processing industry, and air quality deterioration in ventilation and air handling systems. However, it is very important to point out that biofilms are an integral part of the natural environment and can also serve a very beneficial purpose, such as in the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and detoxification of hazardous waste. The present review will focus on the formation of biofilm and its advantages and disadvantages